Strieter Autobiography: Preliminary Remarks

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I had not given any thought to writing down the story of my life. But on January 17, 1904, against my will, our golden wedding was celebrated in Frankenlust, Michigan. We had to go into the church, and Pastor Andres, our dear spiritual shepherd, gave a speech, though I did not understand a single word of it on account of my deafness. The house of my son-in-law, H. List, teacher in Frankenlust, was filled with people. There was a meal; speeches were given, presents also were not wanting, and congratulatory letters turned up. In one of them, written by my brother-in-law Leutner, teacher in Cleveland, Pastor Zorn’s congregation, I was asked to write my life’s story, and to do so to the honor of God and as a favor to my family. I simply wrote it off. I confess, however, that the two reasons bounced around in my head, for God does not want his works to be kept secret, and a person should serve his family and other people who are dear to him if he can. Yet another letter came from my dear nephew, H. Rahe, with a similar request. And soon everybody was blowing the same horn: “Write!” So then, I will write. But it is only being done for the two reasons specified.1

J. Strieter

1 After this Strieter added the following sentence in his manuscript: “I also wanted to note that everything I write is going into the hands of my brother-in-law Leutner for revision and then from his hands to the press.” This was then crossed out, presumably by Leutner himself, and not included in the print edition.

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