Red Brick Parsonage was started in 2010 in a red brick parsonage. It exists to offer fresh translations of Latin and German (and occasionally Greek) works that are of interest to confessional Lutherans. It also shares tips, tricks, and sources to aid Lutheran translators in expanding and expediting their work.

The seal (left) was developed in 2011 using www.says-it.com.

Non erubesco cruce means “I am not ashamed of the cross” in Latin. It reflects a constant theme in the apostle Paul’s letters, especially 2 Timothy. One of RBP’s first productions was a translation of a portion of Johann Gerhard’s commentary on 2 Timothy titled “Not Ashamed of the Cross.” The Latin word erubsesco literally means “to grow/become red.” Thus the white words in the red circular field showcase the meaning of the Latin words.

You are more than welcome to read, share, and otherwise make use of the translations on this site. But please demonstrate your courtesy and integrity: Cite Red Brick Parsonage and the web address of the translation when and where appropriate.

If you wish to contact Red Brick Parsonage, please send an email.

Email: redbrickparsonage@gmail.com

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